About Us

An authentic + local + elevated dining experience in the heart of downtown Victoria.
Vista 18 is located on the 18th floor of Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites in the heart of downtown Victoria. With an extraordinary menu and breathtaking views of the city’s bustling Inner Harbour, the snow-capped Olympic Mountains, the Pacific’s Juan de Fuca Strait, and beautiful downtown Victoria – Vista 18 has a lot to offer.
Newly renovated in 2020, the stylish and spacious setting allows you to enjoy our distinctive menu focusing on fresh, organic, and local ingredients. Our culinary team explores the bounty of our region by working with the best farmers and fishermen British Columbia has to offer, crafting flavours you’ll delight in.
Not shy about infusing a global approach to our island home, Vista 18 is sure to please with an experience that is Authentic + Local + Elevated.

Our History

Prior to becoming Vista 18 on April 18, 2000, our rooftop restaurant was known amongst locals as “The Parrot House,” in honour of a very real and unique parrot named Louis, who lived in the former residence on the site where Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites rests today.


Gifted to the daughter of the family who lived on the property, Miss Victoria Jane Wilson, Louis lived a long and lavish life, outliving his owner, and passing in 1985 at 115 years of age. Upon Miss Wilson’s death, it was discovered that she had left an unusual bequest in her will – a substantial sum for the care of her birds, including Louis, and a condition that the property could not be developed so long as the birds were alive.

Although a solution was eventually reached, allowing for the development of Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites, the restaurant would, for a time, become known as “The Parrot House,” in honour of Louis and his pampered lifestyle.


Our Venue

A complete renovation in 2020, Vista 18 Restaurant + Lounge celebrates 20 years of service with a warm + inviting new look, and a fresh new menu.

On June 8 we move to the great Okanagan Wine region to pair the wines of Mt.Boucherie Estate Winery.

Please have a look at our Food Menu on this site to find this wonderful pairing

Food and Beverage Manager
Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites